Full force engaged, exclusive rights to Bloom fruit jars


Publication: The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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After the Usual Shutdown for the

Summer, Due to Heat and the

Necessity of Overhauling the

Machinery, the Seaside Concern

Resumes Operations - Short News.


LONG BEACH, Aug. 25. - After the usual shutdown for the summer months due to heat and the necessity of overhauling the machinery, the furnaces of the California Glass Insulator Company are again heated and the plant is running night and day shifts with a full force of eighty men.

During the shutdown much new machinery has been installed, most of it for the unit of industry started by the plant, making of bottles and fruit jars, the plant having the exclusive rights for the new jar, the Bloom, which has as its chief feature an inner spring seal of bamboo which renders fruit immune to the invasion of germs of any sort. A new manager, Charles L. Eshelman, for twenty years at the head of the Chicago Heights Glass Works, is in charge of the manufacturing department.

Among the new machines installed is the O'Neill bottle machine, which is a narrow-mouthed bottle blowing machine of the automatic reversing type, and turns out 500 dozen bottles every eight hours. The operator simply "presses the button" and the machine does the rest. Other new machines are four rapid-fire "wide-mouthed" bottle machines and compressed air insulator machines, the latter the only kind for insulators in the United States.

The plant is on Anaheim street, near the inner harbor, and has been in operation about two years. It being the only plant of the kind on the Pacific Coast, it has attracted much attention, and the influx of visitors has been so great that it has been found necessary to regulate visiting hours, which hereafter will be on Thursdays from 2 to 4 o'clock.

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