Natural Gas began from Well No. 8


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States




Natural Gas Began Soaring.

The Greatest Well Yet Developed in the State.

As mentioned in yesterday’s TIMES the Glass Factory gas well, situated on Mr. Tuthill’s addition to the city, was expected to “come in” in a short time. The drill had then penetrated a depth of 900 feet and was supposed to be in close proximity to Trenton rock. After going 18 feel further, Trenton rock was found, and the first plunge of the drill thereafter gas ben to escape, and when the drill had gone down 20 feet in the rock, the flow became so strong, the noise so deafning [sic] deafening and the danger of firing the derrick so great, by reason of the high winds then blowing that work for the present was suspended until all the precautions are taken to prevent accidents. The situation as it stands now is that this is the strongest gas well yet developed in the State, but if it is possible to go further down it is the intention to do so. We have never before claimed the “strongest gas well” although we believed at all times we could do so with confidence. But one thing we point to with pride, the Muncie gas field is the best developed and gives better promise than any other field in this state of Ohio. With eight roaring gas wells – no failure to find gas in any of them; from 80 – 120 feet above sea level, is something no other place can boast of. Manufacturers see and know this and in addition to the excellent firms already here Muncie may reasonably expect to see others in large numbers and of equal importance to locate here in a short time.

The thousands of dollars invested here last spring, the manufacturing firms that came here, the life and animation the city showed then, was only the skirmish line to one of the grandest booms any city has ever had. The two thousand additional added to our population within three months will be supplemented by five thousand more within a year. Natures great labritory [sic] laboratory is always well filled and for Muncie it is filled with natural gas, better than the golds of California.

It is for the people to take advantage of. Come in and utilize this beneficent gift.


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