Kicker from Glassville, resident from neighborhood of Hemingray plant complains


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States

A Kicker from Glassville.

EDITORS TIMES: - I am no kicker, but like other people in my vicinity would like to know a few things of interest to us residents of the vicinity of the Macedonia avenue and the glass works.

Why is it that about thirty passengers on the street railway car were compelled to get off at Kirby avenue Saturday night and walk the remainder of the way home over the rough road, while the car simply came down town after another load?

Why is it that boys are permitted to congregate, throw stones, use vulgar and profane language, and make life burdensome to us every evening, without being molested?

Now, as for our saloons doing business on Sunday, it may be all right but it looks so bad that the officers, if they have the power, should come out and see our dealers and try to induce them to sell the boys their intoxicants Saturday night, enough to run them over Sunday.


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