H. C. Fry Glass Company, Rochester, Pennsylvania

W.S. Williams with Fry Glass Company - New Employee Comes from the Bureau of Standards

[Trade Journal]

Publication: National Glass Budget

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 35, no. 7, p. 8, col. 4



Many glass manufacturers who have visited the Bureau of Standards in Pittsburg will regret to learn that W. S. Williams, who for the past eighteen months has been in charge of the glass section of that institution, has severed his connection with the Bureau and has associated himself with the H. C. Fry Glass Co., at Rochester, Pa. He entered upon his new duties last Monday. Prior to taking up his work in Pittsburg, Mr. Williams was employed by the American Encaustic Tiling Co., Zanesville, OH, as a ceramic and industrial engineer. During the duration of the war Mr. Williams and his associates labored diligently in developing optical glass, and other supplies for the United States Government. Since the signing of the armistice, a number of the glass manufacturers have shown shrewd foresight by employing the chemical engineers who were located with the Bureau of Standards.


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