New patent insulator used in tunnel in Chicago

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegrapher

New York, NY, United States
vol. 5, no. 45, p. 359, col. 1

Telegraph Wires in Chicago River Tunnel.


THE Chicago Times says that the Western Union wires, running from Chicago westward, which formerly ran through the water mains, now run through the tunnel. Over the ventilator, at either end of the river tunnel, a neat tower has been built. The new poles of the company are extended close up to the river bank, and the wires are stretched from them into the top of the tower, where they are fastened to cross arms by insulators, and thence pass down the centre of the tower through the ventilator, and then, turning an angle, are again fastened by a new patent insulator to an iron framework erected by the company, thence along the top of either arch of the roadway up the ventilator tower shaft, and out to the poles on the west side. Between the arches, at the large head lamp of the roadway an iron frame is constructed, to which the wires will in future be fastened. The wires running through here are at present less numerous than they will be. It is expected that seventy-two wires will be run through the tunnel when everything is completed.


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