Immigrant in New York mistakes poles for Christian Crosses

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegrapher

New York, NY, United States
vol. 7, no. 22, p. 172, col. 3

Telegraph Fixtures as a Christian Symbol.


THE Western Union Company have transferred the numerous wires running over the buildings, for several blocks in the rear of 145 Broadway, to the new line of poles erected some time since along the extension of Church street. In this connection we are reminded of a little incident, which occurred a few weeks since. Every telegrapher had had his joke at the rather awkward appearance of these poles, as they have been standing for some months, with a single long cross pole about ten feet from the top. One evening, as we were hurrying through the dusk to the Jersey ferry, we observed a newly arrived emigrant, who had removed his hat and was devoutly crossing himself and uttering pious ejaculations, at the foot of one of these poles, in blissful ignorance of the character of the structure, and of the "inverted blessings" that may have been at that moment flashing along the wires above his head, which the gathering darkness rendered invisible to his eye.


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