Enterprise of Western Union, Eckerts glass insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegrapher

New York, NY, United States
vol. 8, no. 25, p. 194, col. 2

Enterprise of the W. U. Telg. Co. - The Gold and

Stock Reporting Telegraph System. --

The Invention of the Electric

Telegraph, etc.


WASHINGTON, D. C., February 7.



THERE is at present so little of direct telegraphic interest transpiring here that everything of that nature may be briefly summarized. The most important item is the fact that the Western Union Company has furnished its Washington office with a Siemens Universal Galvanometer, and the wires have been tested up during the dry weather. Whether it is intended to compare them with similar measurements in wet weather, or to rely upon them as a complete vindication of the management of Eckert and Bates, and their equipment of the lines with non-insulating glass insulators, and the crowding of a large number of those poorly insulated conductors upon one set of poles, is not known.

The Gold and Stock Telegraph Company are now erecting a line, and will shortly introduce in this city their system of furnishing gold, stock and commercial quotations, having obtained a sufficient number of subscribers to warrant the inauguration of the enterprise.

The publication of the correspondence furnished to the Smithsonian Institution by Mr. Henry O'Rielly has created a very earnest discussion of the question, To whom is due the credit of making practicable the magnetic telegraph? The discussion has already brought out a good deal of evidence establishing Prof. Henry's title to that honor.

A strong effort is being made to substitute the Wilson Electrical Gas Lighting Apparatus for that now in use over the dome, rotunda and hall of representatives at the Capitol, which is represented to be a very cumbersome and costly affair. The Wilson apparatus is used over the Senate portion of the Capitol, and, it is claimed, is very much more economical. The matter is now before the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds, and is being very generally discussed in the local papers.



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