Telegraph Extensions in Oregon, screw glass insulators used

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Publication: The Telegrapher

New York, NY, United States
vol. 8, no. 28, p. 218, col. 2

Telegraphic Extensions in Oregon. - A Swindling

Telegraph Institute. - Appreciation

of the Telegrapher.


ALBANY, OREGON, January 10.




Since my last communication a new and complete line of telegraph has been built from Portland, Oregon, to Correlius, Oregon, a distance of twenty-five miles. This line has been built along the Oregon Central Railroad, on the west side of the Willamette valley and river, and will make a junction with the Oregon and California Railroad at Junction City, about thirty-five miles south of Albany. The railroad and telegraph line will both be pushed along very fast next summer, and will no doubt very nearly, if not quite, make the junction with the other road. There are three (3) offices on this line: The main office at Portland, with Mr. Charles D. Failing as Superintendent and train despatcher; another at Hillsborough, with Mr. James Farrel, lately from Canada, as operator; and the third and last office, at Correlius, will be opened next Saturday. The line has been built in No. 1 manner, with English wire screw glass insulators and good cedar poles.

Another new line has lately been built along the Northern Pacific Railroad from Kalama, W. T., to Pumphrey's Landing, W. T., a distance of about thirty miles, and new offices opened at Kalama and Pumphrey's Landing. This road will also be extended next summer over to Puget Sound as rapidly as possible.

In my last I spoke of the intention to have the Oregon and California Railroad and the two wires, W. U. and O. & C. R. R., in working order to Oakland, Oregon, a distance of 180 miles from Portland, Oregon, by December 25, 1871, which intention would no doubt have been fulfilled but that the railroad iron, expected from England in sailing vessels, having failed to arrive, it was delayed; but I learn to-day that, the iron having arrived, "the company will extend the lines to that point (Oakland) at once, and will be there by the last of March next, without fail." The present terminus is Eugene City.

The O. & C. R. R. Co. have lately put into use a new set of signals, etc., which are complete, yet so simple that no one can fail to understand them. Their mode of moving trains by telegraph is similar to that used on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.

For the benefit of those who have any curiosity, I will state that salaries on the O. & C. R. R. for operators range from $45 to $75 per month.

We are cursed with a "Telegraph College" even here in Oregon. It is situated in Portland, and a fellow calling himself, "C. A. Wheeler, Superintendent," advertises: "Yound men, by devoting one hour each day for three months, at the National Business College, will become first class sound operators. Scholarship, time unlimited, $30." I understand he has a few silly country greeneys (for so we must call them) trying to become "good sound operators."

My efforts to increase the circulation of THE TELEGRAPHER, I am happy to say, are meeting with good success, as an evidence of which I send you herewith the names of fifteen subscribers and a postal money order for the amount of the subscriptions.

"A happy New Year" to all our Atlantic operators and friends.



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