Reconstruction of Western Union lines will still use glass insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegrapher

New York, NY, United States
vol. 8, no. 37, p. 292, col. 2

Reconstruction of Western Union Lines.


THE Western Union Company are doing a great deal of work this spring between New York and Washington. The wires on the west side of the railroad between Baltimore and Washington are be reinsulated. The line on the same side of the road between Newark and New Brunswick is to be repoled and reinsulated. A good deal of work is also being done between Philadelphia and Wilmington. Three wires on the B. & O. R. R., from Baltimore to Grafton, West Va., have been reinsulated, and a fourth wire strung. The old insulation, which is being removed, is mostly LEFFERTS. This is being replaced by the new style glass and pin. This latter invention is responsible for the alarming increase in the use of profane language among the Western Union line men, which has attracted the attention of all good people since last fall. In this connection it may be proper to record the significant fact that a member of the Young Men's Christian Commission was seen distributing tracts against profanity among the men at work on the line near Elizabeth, N. J., a few days since; but while General Superintendent ECKERT insists upon the continued use of these insulators we fear that such efforts will meet with little practical encouragement.


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