Screw Glass Insulators; threading not worthy of patent, House insulators were threaded

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegrapher

New York, NY, United States
vol. 9, no. 383, p. 279, col. 3

Screw Glass Insulators.



Two parties have been fighting in the courts over their rights as patentees of the screw glass insulators, and spending money freely to win a victory. The learned Court has decided in favor of one and injuncted the other, when neither patent is worth a copper.

You will recollect, Mr. Editor, when you worked House, twenty years ago, that the "hat block" House insulator was an iron one, with a screw glass inside, and that the line builders carried a cutter, with which they cut a thread on the top of the sharpened pole, and then screwed the insulator on.

Then, why this costly lawsuit for a shadow? Will some one explain?



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