American Flint Glass Workers' Union - 1897 Convention

A. J. Evans Elected to Executive Board - Representing Insulator Branch

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 46, no. 4, p. 14 - 15, col. 2 - 1

The American Flint Glass Workers Union was in session all the past week. They held their twentieth annual banquet Wednesday evening at Odd Fellows Hall, South Side, and about 300 partook of a delicious repast. Following the supper were toasts, speeches and songs, and a very enjoyable time. President W. J. Smith was toastmaster. They closed their convention Saturday at noon, and adjourned after re-electing the old officers and choosing Zanesville as the place for the next meeting. The discussions upon the reports of the various committees exhibited no great divergence of opinions, and the reports were generally adopted. The chimney scale is practically the same as last year, and they decided to issue an illustrated chimney catalogue for the guidance of trades. The per capita tax and strike assessment is left the same as last year. They passed a resolution allowing all union men to work in non-union factories at union wages, excepting the factories in Zanesville and Hoffman. This does away with the move limit. The following officers were elected: W. J. Smith, of Pittsburgh, president and treasurer; F. H. Williams, Baltimore, vice-president; John Kunzler, Pittsburgh, secretary; W. J. Clare, assistant secretary. The executive officers on the different boards were: Shade branch J. J. Shutta, Brooklyn; J. W. Morehouse, Monaca. Prescription branch M. S. Brandin, Millvale, N. J.; M. Mackinaw, Alton, Ill.; P. H. McQuigan, Gas City, Ind.; H. Kunkel, Bellaire. Press Branch P. Schaff, Jeannette; J. F. Tobin, Moundsville; Chas. Bryson, Pittsburgh; C. N. Edmonds, Greentown, Ind. Chimney branch H. McGinness, Steubenville; T. Conboy, Alexandria, Ind.; H. T. Smith, Brooklyn; John Klumpp, Pittsburgh; Caster Place, M. S. Kane, Millvale, N. J.; Con Sullivan, Philadelphia. Iron Mold branch A. Latourness, Brooklyn; F. Howard, Coraopolis; V. Hassner, Marion, Ind. Mold Workers' branch D. W. Vaux, Pittsburgh; J. W. Slerger, W. M. Keiser. Cutting branch J. Smith, Pat Healy. Engraving branch F. C. Dickens. Stopping branch Ben Heritage. Paste Mold T. W. Rowe, F. Lyons. Lamp working branch L. W, Stagel. Insulators A. J. Evans. Executive officer for Canada E. O. A. Sullivan. James Morrison was re-elected to represent the Flint Glass Workers at Federation of Labor Convention.


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