Lima insulators

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Publication: Street Railway Review

Chicago, IL, United States
p. 67, col. 1

The Lima Insulator.

The W. R. Garton Co., 118-132 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, has recently closed a contract with the Lima Insulator Co. of Lima, N. Y., to act as its exclusive general western agent. The Lima company is manufacturing a high grade of high tension porcelain insulators, giving especial attention to details with a view to securing results of the highest standard. The accompanying engraving shows the insulators which are being placed upon the market by the Garton company, being gas fired, of excellent white and brown porcelain and of an attractive form. The W. R. Garton Co. has spent several years giving close attention to the requirements of high tension work and are prepared to serve the trade intelligently and faithfully in this particular, and the Lima Insulator Co. will gradually increase its facilities until it is able to meet the demand of prompt deliveries of the very large increased trade which is anticipated for the coming year.


Different Types of Lima Insulators.



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Researcher notes:The insulator styles left to right are: M-2254; U-922; and M-4325.
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