Muncie in Embryo; blurbs about the Hemingray works under construction

Muncie In Embryo


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States



From here we went north-east, angling across lots to the “Glass District.” All the way across the work of the engineer was everywhere to be seen. Every inch of ground was laid off for lots, streets alleys and parks. Along here was also to be seen the line of the long switch which is to connect the “glass district” with the fort Wayne Railroad. Besides the stakes, are to be seen foundation of houses, lumber for houses and other indications of municipal growth. All along also was the red stakes, which denoted that the lots had been sold.

Arriving at the glass district the crops of last year are not to be seen. The immense red buildings of the Ball Bros. Glass works are looming up on the hill. A torch from their gas well stands as a sentinel of the work. To the east is a derrick, where a well is being put down for the Hemingrays.

Work has already progress considerable at the Hemingray Works. Yet the few large frame buildings and extensive foundations give no idea what the factory will be. The works will cover eight acres of ground.




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