No-Leak D Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Journal of Electricity, Power and Gas

San Francisco, CA, United States
vol. 20, no. 15, p. 226, col. 1

INSULATOR. 882,803. Leonard W. Storror, San Francisco, Cal.

In an insulator, a pin having its top frusto-conical and threaded for a part of the length of said frusto-conical top, a protecting member made of an insulating material and adapted to fit tightly on the frusto-conical part of the pin for the entire depth of the said protecting member, said member also having an upwardly projecting flange whose outer surface is a portion of a cone, and a wire-carrying insulating member having internal threads adapted to fit the threads of the pin, said wire-carrying member having a skirt adapted to project down into the space between the flange on the protecting member, said wire-carrying member also having an outer skirt extending below the bottom of the protecting member.





Keywords:Glass Insulator : No-Leak
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Supplemental information: Patent: 882,803
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