Bills Allowed; Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States

reading the minutes the Mayor and city officials were invited to attend the High School commencement Friday evening and that reserved seats had been given them. The invitation was accepted by common consent. The following persons were given permission to build their own sidewalks: Thomas Evans, on Beacon street; Wm. Willard on Kirby ave.; Lynch Heath on Willard street; Julia A Sawyer and Albert Modler on Wysor St. Day offered a petition for widening Ohmer avenue and it was referred to the councilmen in that ward. Edmund Braun asked for an electric light to be placed in front of the Abbott House on the corner of 13th and Mulberry streets. It is no doubt but that this is a bad place to congregate. Referred to committee on street lights. A petition from the members of Grace Episcopal church asking to be relieved of paying for sidewalk improvement and to be reimbursed for five feet of ground taken by city, was referred to Finance committee. Crabbs wanted 21st street improved from bridge to mount. Mrs. Parson remonstrated against improvement of alley near her residence.

The following bills were allowed.

S. Jewett                     $     3.75

W.S. Richey                     64.90

M.B. Jones                        9.00

Herald Printing Co.          90.55

Hemingray Glass Co.       11.25

Henry Smith                      1.50

Pay Roll                          41.95

Mute Harris                      1.50

Muncie Nat. Gas Co        50.00

Western Union Tel. Co.     1.25

Gas for April                     7.30

Gas for May                     9.00

Impt. Of Willard St.       172.65

C.H. Anthony                 22.39

Susan Thornburg            17.50

John W. Little                  9.00

J.H. Williamson               9.00

Eliza Miller                    28.70

Board of Health reported that alley between Council and Main and Jackson and Mound streets contained enough filth to kill a whole city. Crabbs moved that the civil engineer be ordered to place a force at work to clean all alleys at the expense of the city. After discussion it was passed, and Young asked where this dump was to be taken. No action taken.

Patterson moved that the Marshal and Police Force of the city should arrest all person who were found violating the Sunday laws, or report them to prosecuting attorney. Carried.

Porter moved that the Chief of Police be ordered to send a policeman to east part of town. Moreland, south. Motions carried.

At this time the council offered a large number of sewer resolution Johnson one on Liberty street, south of railroad, as far as Anthony street, for relief of Bridge Works from a perfect sea of water.   Carried. Johnson, a Jefferson and Main street sewer No. 4 as far as Madison street, and a Min street sewer No. 5 as far as Liberty street. Carried.


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