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Each motor car is equipped with two 25-cycle, single-phase motors. Each of the Siemens motors is rated at 180 hp; the Westinghouse motor is rated at 150 hp. The auxiliary apparatus on the Siemens cars consist of the main transformer, a lightning transformer, a so-called "preventive" coil and commutating transformer, high-tension circuit-breaker and fuse in the main transformer circuit, high-tension fuse in the lighting transformer circuit, contactors, motor fuses which also act as motor cut-outs, and low-tension fuses in the circuit energy to the control apparatus, and also a low-tension fuse in the circuit supplying energy to a fan for ventilating the motors. It is stated that the motors operate without objectionable sparking or excessive temperature rise at 2 times the rated full-load torque.

The auxiliary apparatus on the Westinghouse car comprises the main transformer, a lighting transformer, a so-called "preventive" coil, a high-tension circuit-breaker in the main circuit, fuses in the auxiliary high-tension and low-tension circuits, contactors and control gear. The motors are ordinary conductively-compensated series machines without any special commutating device other than the commutator resistance leads, the equipment as a whole being very simple and effective. The


Fig. 6. - Sectional Views of Insulators.


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