No-Leak D Insulator by Brookfield

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Journal of Electricity, Power and Gas

San Francisco, CA, United States
p. 71, col. 2



A new form of insulator, intended to eliminate the leakage and cross-fire troubles on electric wires, is illustrated herewith. As shown in the picture it consists of two parts separated by an area of still air, thus maintaining at all times a clean and dry space between the tie wire and pin. Floating particles of dust, carbon or moisture do not enter beyond the first arm of the zig-zag separation. This insures good insulation, particularly in a wet country. It is stated to obviate all troubles usually occurring with fog. This insulation is the invention of Mr. Leonard W. Storror, of San Francisco, whose practical experience with the Postal Telegraph Co. showed him its necessity. It is to be manufactured by the Brookfield Glass Co., of New York City.





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