Columbian reception held Mr. R.C. Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States

Columbian Reception.

Elaborate preparations are being made for the Columbian reception to be held at the Kirby house December 29th. The object is to raise funds to assist in giving Indiana and especially Delaware county a proper exhibit at the World’s Fair. The committee of arrangements is composed of Mrs. J. A. Heinsohn, President; Mrs. Louise Cassady, Secretary.   Executive Committee – Mesdames J. R. Wysor, R. C. Hemingray, T. F. Rose, H. M. Johnston, W. R. Moore, Miss . . . [illegible text] . . . Willard.

. . . [illegible text] . . . – Mesdames. J. H. Smith, Arthur Meeks,   . . . [illegible text] . . ., W. M. Marsh, T. A. Neely, A. L. Johnson, Dr. Garner, W.L. Little, G. F. McCulloch, Edward Olcutt, O. A. Spilker, Geo, Spilker, J. W. Perkins, T. F. Kirby, E. Tyler, Will Kirby, H. H. Highlands, S. C. Cowan, Lewis Over, T. F. Hart, H. W. Winans, J. X. Streeter, A. F. Smith, Frank Claypool, O. A. Johnson, Web Richey, J. A. Heinsohn, C. G. Neely, Misses Nannie Love, Jeannette Love, Bessie Brady, Mildred Ryan, Fannie Shipley, Georgette Kemper, Mane sprinkle, Mallie Maddie, Edna Streeter, Nellie Wilson, Bernie Williams, Mayne Brotherson, Carrie McCulloch, Susane Little.

Managers. – Messrs. T. F. Rose, Geo. F. McCulloch, W. M. Patterson, C.A. Spilker, Ed Maddy, T. F. Hart, Lewis Over, C. M. Kimbrough, R. S. Gregory, C. M. Turner, J. V. Gilbert, Fred W. Heath, C. N. Wilcoxon, A. L. Johnson, David Cammack. Will Kirby, W. A. Sampson, Arthur Brady, J. R. Sprankle, Will Marsh, R. C. Hemingray, J. F. Wildman, Edward Olcutt, F. L. Wachtell, C. F. W. Neely, J. W. Perkins, El. Tyler, Tom Kirby, Kirby Heinsohn, W. J. Hillgoss, Dr. Garner, F. B. Ball, W. D. Kuts, Homer Bowles, John Love, Weston Thomas, W. L. Little, Will Youse, Geo. Spilker, Harry Streeter....




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