Columbian Exposition committee, Mrs. R.C. Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States


The Hotel Kirby the Scene of a Fashionable Event Last Evening.

The Muncie Ladies Give a Brilliant Reception to Raise Money for thee World’s Fair.

Other Events.

One of the prettiest and most enjoyable social events of the season occurred last evening in the Hotel Kirby. The world’s Columbian reception which has been a theme of importance in the social world lately was given in a regal manner. The affair was given to help a fund being raised by ladies who are anxious to make a most excellent showing at the World’s Columbian Exposition at Chicago. In every city of importance in the Hoosier state the ladies are, by various ways raising money for the fund to be used for many purposes. Muncie ladies were determined to help furnish an anteroom and purchase a statue for the Womans Building and several weeks ago decided to give the reception. Mrs. J. A. Heinsohn was elected president of the Executive Committee and was assisted by the following well known ladies: Mesdames, Louisa Cassady, Secretary; H.R. Wysor, R.C. Hemingray, T.F. Rose, H. M. Johnson, W.R. Moore and Miss Lizzie Willard. The ladies worked as only ladies can and their efforts provided highly successful. Committees were appointed and arrangements speedily perfected to make the reception one of the most enjoyable social events of the season. Invitations to the number of several hundered [sic] hundred were sent out and tickets at $1.50 were placed on sale. Nearly every per [sic] person who received an invitation accepted the same, and the ladies were assured that their arduous labors would be rewarded. Last evening at eight o’clock cabs began arriving at the Kirby depositing guests who were shown up the broad stairway to the second floor and the dressing rooms. Cloaks and coats being removed the guests were met and heartily welcome in the east corridor by the reception committee composed of the following well known gentlemen and ladies; Messrs and Mesdames, Will M. Marsh, Thad Neely, Will L. Little, Cy.G. Neely and Mrs. Hattie Johnson.

The guests were then ushered into the elegantly furnished east parlors which were articistically decorated with nature’s sweetest gift – flowers.



…..and the ladies are to be complimented on their excellent work as they cleared about $100.


The costumes worn by the ladies were marvels of dressmaker’s art, and amore handsome assembly of ladies could not be duplicated.

The HERALD was able to obtain in brief a description of each lady’s gown, which is given as follows:

Mrs. Will Marsh, black silk velvet, jet trimmings, pearl and diamond ornaments; Mrs. Claude Griffith, Indianapolis, black net cloth, jeweled trimmings; Mrs. Will Stone, Indianapolis, white silk with velvet trimmings; Mrs. Chas. Bender, pink crepe, pearl trimmings, roses; Miss Edith Love, white satin, old-gold trimmings, flowers; Mrs. T.F. Rose, white crepe gown with scarlet, diamonds; Mrs. J. Ed Haffner, white silk empire gown, apple-green sleeves, pearls; Mrs. R. J. Hemingray, white silk with velvet, pearls and lace; Mrs. Homer Highlands, green brocaded velvet, flowers; Miss Mayne Brotherton, yellow silk with black velvet and point lace; Mrs. L.M. Neely, evening gown of green cloth; Miss Maude Neely, white brocaded silk, point lace and flowers; Mrs. Will Halliday, Columbus, O., evening gown of green and yellow; Mrs. Chas. Anthony, light-blue brocaded silk, pearl girdle, point lace trimmings, flowers, and slippers to match; Mrs. Vol Gilbert, white flowered silk, Duchess lace, diamonds; Mrs. H. R. Wysor, black velvet, diamonds, flowers; Mrs. W.S. Richey, Nile-green crepon; Mrs. G. Cambell Janney, black bengaline, feather trimmings; Mrs. M.J. Vandercooke, white crepon with brocaded satin; Miss Sarah Heinsohn, pale-blue embroidered chiffon, roses; Mrs. Dr. York, black satin, jet trimmings, diamonds; Miss Frankie Soule, Parisian gown with pearls and flowers; Mrs. Will McManamy, white silk evening gown, pink slippers, diamonds and flowers; Mrs. Geo. A. Andrews, China silk, chiffon, pearls; Miss Mae Heath, yellow China silk draped in chiffon; Miss Lois Love, yellow China silk, roses; Miss Madine Wilson, heliotrope silk with white crepe and pearls; Miss Mabelle Hagadorn, yellow silk, roses; Mrs. Thad A. Neely, blue brocaded silk, point lace, diamonds, slippers to match; Miss Minnie McKillip, flowered China silk, roses; Miss Bessie Brady, black net, flowers; Miss Dot Lindsley, Cleveland, O., dotted red silk draped over an evening gown of the same pattern; Miss Edna Streeter, pink crepe, Japanese style, pearl girdle; Miss Mildred Helm, Indianapolis, light blue with roses; Mrs. Geo. F. McCulloch, dark colored evening gown, Miss Sarah McCulloch, Nile-



Mrs. J. A. Heinsohn, Black silk jet trimmings, diamonds.

Mrs. Paine grey silk flowers and diamonds.


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