Columbian reception held; Mrs. Robert Hemingray & R.C. Hemingray attended


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States



A Wealth of Beautiful Costumes and the Brilliant Personnel of Muncie society People.

The Columbian reception and ball at the hotel Kirby last night was a gratifying success, and one of the most brilliant social events ever witnessed in Muncie.

Without the weather was cold and the atmosphere moist. Inanimate Muncie stretched her steeples, towers and cornices indistinctly up into the murky night; the gas lights flickered and shone like yellow blurs, and the electric lights threw out a hundred shaft-like radiators. The December half moon hung in the western sky and floated like a silver boat through the fleecy clouds that veiled the earth, shedding a mellow light upon the wintry landscape.

But within there was a dazzling splendor of costume; a wealth of feathery, filmy skirts and a delicious tangle of colors and shades – pink from Japanese sunsets, blue from Italian skies, gold from the redolent orange, flaunting yellow from tropical dyes, red from the harvest moon, were all winding and whirling, twisting and twirling to the melodious rythm [sic] rhythm of the orchestra as the grand music floated out into the ball room. And the scene was one of shifting shades, opened and closed, revealed and concealed, flying and pursuing, in the listless maze of the dance.

Pleasure has many happy followers in her train, and none more righteously than charity. By the sichemy of modern liberality the austere tenets of the Puritan and the gravity of the Pilgrim father is discarded. Gayety is no longer a misdemeanor. But, on the other hand, how much more a virtue when mirth, laughter, levity and the unconfined joy of the dance are all made to conspire to the adornment of a commendable undertaking. For charity is the first of the graces. In its service no splendor is ostentatious; no levity rude; no apparel vanity.

The scene in the ball room last night in its glitter of costume and rapture of music was one beautiful to look upon. It was also an evidence that the beautiful in face, form and apparel, the best work in nature and art, is not always vain, but can be applied to commendable and charitable deeds.

From out the dreamy melody of the waltz, the glistening of myriad lights, the flushed faces, beaming eyes, the radiance of jewels, the light and shadow of variegated costumes, that filled the Kirby house last night, charity extended an open hand to the committee on the World’s Fair exhibit for Muncie.

The committees in charge of the arrangement of the reception and who carried it to a successful issue were composed of the following ladies: President, Mrs. J. A. Heinsohn, Secretary, Mrs. Louise Cassady; Executive Committee: Mesdames H. R. Wysor, R. C. Hemingray, T. F. Rose, H. M. Johnston, W. R. Moore and Miss Lizzie Willard.


The reception was held in the spacious parlors of the hotel, where the guests were received by the following ladies and gentlemen constituting the reception committee: Mrs. And Mrs. Geo. F. McCulloch, Mr. and Mrs. Will Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Thad A. Neely, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Little, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Neely.

From 8:30-9:30 o’clock there was a line of cabs passing to and from the hotel unloading the guest who flowed in through the halls to the reception rooms where was presented a charming social picture, as the large but congenial crowd exchanged pleasant greetings, joined in promenades, or enjoyed tete a tetes in cozy corners.


The spacious dining room, which was devoted to dancing, was beautifully decorated with the national colors. Flags were draped upon the wails and chandeliers and hung pendant from the ceiling, giving to the surroundings a beautiful and patriotic appearance. The program was excellent in its composition and everything was well appointed.

At 9:30 o’clock a burst of music in . . . [illegible text] . . . melody of the violins, the undulating tones of the harp, softened by the sound of the base . . . [illegible text] . . . ushered in the brilliant spectacle. The windings and mazes, the graceful glidings, and gyrations of the dancers, with the shifting shades, the stately matron and the winsome maiden made it a charming opening to a memorable social event in metropolitan Muncie.


Among the ladies present and the costumes they wore were the following:

Mrs. J. A. Heinsohn, black faille, francaise with jet trimmings, entraine.

Mrs. Thad A. Neely, blue brocaded silk, trimmed in point lace, decollete, diamonds and pink roses.

Mrs. Will Marsh, black velvet, embroidered, trimmed in pearls, cut entraine.

Mrs. Hattie Johnston, white silk, embroidered, chiffon lace and pearl trimmings, cut decollete.

Miss Julie Kirby, of Cincinnati, white china silk, decollete, cut entraine, lavender trimmings, carrying maracheniel roses.

Miss Joy Conner, Cincinnati, white brocaded silk, pink satin trimmings, decollete, en traine – roses.

Miss Georgette Kemper, yellow crepe de chine, decollete, cut en traine, gold passementerle trimmings – roses.

Miss Winifred Brady, lavender silk, trimmed in ribbon, decollete, cut en traine – roses.

Miss Louise Kirby, green faille francaise, decollete, en traine.

Miss Heinsohn, blue silk, overdress of embroidered chiffon, decollete – roses. Miss Edna Streeter, Empire gown of pink crepe de chine, decollete, cut en traine.

Miss Mae Heath, yellow silk, trimmed in white chiffon lace, cut en traine, decollete and roses.

Mrs. Geo. F. McCulloch wore an imported cameo broadcloth with velvet trimmings, cut en traine, decollete, diamonds and roses.

Miss Grace Riley, yellow silk, en train with embroidered chiffon trimmings; real lace bertha – roses.

Mrs. George Spilker, black brocaded silk, point lace trimmings and diamonds.

Mrs. Lillard, Chicago, black crepe de chine, en traine, diamonds.

Mrs. A. A. Wilkinson, white silk, cut en traine, decollete, point lace trimmings and diamonds.

Miss Nellie Wilson, heliotrope silk, white crepe de chine trimmings, decollete, en traine.

Miss Suzane Little, yellow crepe, trimmed in chiffon – roses.

Miss Winifred Smith, white china silk, trimmed in gold braid and gold belt – roses.

Miss Mildred Ryan, pink brocaded satin, trimmed in real lace, decollete – roses.

Miss Lillian smith, heliotrope silk, trimmed in violets, decollete, cut en traine – roses.

Miss Mame Brotherton, yellow silk, black jet trimmings, cut en traine – roses.

Miss Alta Stiffler, canary colored silk, trimmed in duchess lace, decollete, carrying roses.

Miss Bertha smith, blue china silk, with lace trimmings, cut en traine, decollete – roses.

Mrs. E. J. Haffner, wore an Empire gown of white China silk, cut en traine, decollete, pearl trimmings.

Mrs. Will McManamy, white silk with diamond ornaments.

Mrs. W. S. Richey, gray cloth with velvet trimmings.

Miss Chittenden of Anderson, Nile green China silk, with gold galoon trimmings.

Miss Josephine Gray, pink crepe with chiffon trimmings – roses.

Mrs. M. E. Vandercook, white crepe, duchess lace, pearl trimmings.

Mrs. S. C. Cowan, blue China silk cut en traine and trimmed in meducha lace with diamond ornaments.

Miss Hattie Johnson, white brocaded silk, cut entraine, decollete and trimmed in chiffon lace.

Mrs. H.H. Highlands, light green brocaded silk, velvet trimmings – roses.

Mrs. Robert Hemingray, white silk, point lace and pearl trimmings.

Miss Mildred Helm, Indianapolis, corn colored crepe de chine, decollete, trimmed in light blue ribbon.

Mrs. A. J. Williams, nile green crepe de chine, with pearl trimmings.

Miss Edith Love, white tulle over white silk, decollete, en traine, with gold trimmings.

Mrs. Griffith of Indianapolis, black tulle, with gold trimmings.

Mrs. G. M. Bard, black silk, en traine, jet trimmings.

Miss Lois Love, yellow china silk, decollete, en traine – roses.

Mrs. A. E. Whitney, white china silk, trimmed in brocaded tulle and duchess lace.

Miss Minnie McKillip, tan colored china silk, velvet trimmings – roses.

Miss Dot Lindsley, Cleveland, O., wore a gown of red embroidered chiffon and carried red roses.

Mrs. Chas. Anthony, blue brocaded silk, pearl trimmings and American beauty roses.

Mrs. C. G. Neely, black velvet with jewel trimmings.

Miss Bessie Brady, embroidered mousalline desoi, diamond ornaments.

Mrs. Vol Gilbert, white faille, trimmed in duchess lace, and diamond ornaments.

Mrs. Stowe, Indianapolis, blue surah silk, velvet trimmings.

Mrs. Geo. Cromwell, wine colored faille, jewel trimmings and diamonds.

Miss Maud Kilgore, of Anderson, black cloth gown with green Empire sleeves – diamond ornaments.

Mrs. W. L. Little, gray net, dotted in black polka dot.

Mrs. T. F. Rose, brocaded China silk, red trimmings – carnations.

Mrs. Oscar Vatet, blue China silk, black jet trimmings.

Mrs. Thos. Morgan, black silk with jet trimmings.

Miss Winnie Redman, cream satin trimmed in chiffon lace – roses.

Miss Grace Keiser, blue brocade pongee trimmed in velvet – roses.

Mrs. J. W. Perkins, black silk, jet trimmings.

Mrs. C. L. Bender, pink crepe de chine, pearl trimmings.

Mrs. Lon Neely, black China silk, jet trimmings.

Miss Maud Neely, white crepe de chine trimmed in ribbon.

Mrs. Chas. Kilgore, black silk, jet trimmings.

Mrs. F. O. Grannis, cream silk, feather trimmings.

Mrs. J. L. Streeter, black silk.

Mrs. Fred Heath, white silk en traine – roses.

Mrs. W. H. Halliday, black silk, yellow velvet and jet trimmings.

Miss Mame Gallihue, Indianapolis, green faille trimmed in velvet-roses.

Miss Mabell Hagadorn, white China silk – roses.

Mrs. S. D. Payne, gray cloth dress.

Miss Frankie Sole, blue and gold brocaded satin, trimmed in fringe.

Mrs. L. York, black silk en traine, trimmed in jet.

Miss Bessie Ellis, yellow crepe de chine, purple pansy trimmings – roses.

Mrs. Louise Cassady, black silk, jet trimmings.

Mrs. Mattie James, black faille.

Among the gentlemen present were:

A. E. Buchanan, D. V. Bower, George W. Spilker, J. W. Perkins, W. L. Little, J. E. Haffner, T. F. Rose, C. L. Bender, W. W. Kirby, Lon M. Nelly, G. Campbell Janney, H. H. Highlands, George A. Goudy, J. A. Meeks, M.E. Vandercook. J. A. Heinsohn, A. E. Whitney, Charles W. Kilgore, J.D. Payne, C.H. Anthony, George M. Bard, C.M. Kimbrough, A. A. Wilkinson, R. C. Hemingray, T. S. Neely, F. O. Grannis, G. H. Andrews, G. F. McCulloch, J. L. Streeter, J. R. Wysor, C. G. Neely, A. J. Williams, David Cammack, O. W. Vatet, S. C. Richey, of Chicago, J. A. Wicks, J. S. Moore, William McNerney, George O. Cromwell, W. H. Holliday, of Columbus; F. C. Ball, J. O. Adams, O. W. Crabbs, Robert Mansfield, Arthur Brady, T. L. Ryan, W. J. Kinser, A. M. Wagner, George Keiser, of Milwaukee; Ed Maddy, Ed Moore, L. A. Franklin, J. M. Maring, Hall Kimbrough, Henry Leon, T. F. Hodge, O. F. Raymond, E. B. Ball, Carl Drake, Ed Boyce, Frank Leadbetter, Deo Bants, Frank DePoy, H. M. Streeter, Clifford Sampson, G. V. Tobe, Edgar Shick, Western B. Thomas, of Anderson; W. P. Huston, C. H. Chase of Elkhart; R. A. Sheffield, A. E. Able, R. S. Aidrich, -- Kirshbaum, of Philadelphia; Tip Kirby of Cincinnati; T. K. Heinsohn.

Refreshments were served in the private dining room of the hotel throughout the evening and the guests could be served at their pleasure.

The committee netted about . . . [illegible text] . . . from the proceeds.


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