Social Entertainment ""The Great Mechanical and Conversation Agglomeration of Waxworks""; Mrs. Hemingray actress in play


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States

Social Entertainment.

The great Mechanical and conversation Agglomeration of Waxworks will be given at the home of Mr. J. L. Streeter, on Saturday evening, Feb. 11, with the following cast of characters: Prof. Lightning Harkins, Geo. A. Ball; George Washington, Ed Maddy; Julius Caesar, Harry Streeter; Alex, the Great, Tom Ryan; John Smith, Carl Drake; Chas. C. Confucious, Homer Bowles; Henry the Eighth, Tom Reade; Napoleon Bonaparte, Will Marsh; Fairy Aunty Macassa, Duchess of Tidytown, Bessie Ellis; Seven old ladies of Lavendar town, Mrs. Smith, Jean Smith; Mrs. Brown, Mildred Ryan; Mrs. Jones, Edna Streeter; Mrs. Robinson, Winnie Brady; Mrs. Simpkins, Carrie McCulloch; Mrs. Timpkins, Alice Foulke; Mrs. Tralala de Montmorence, Mrs. Hemingray; Porter, Ed B. Ball; Page, Master Ed Marsh. Admission 25 cents.     42t2


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