Details of the Dillon Glass Works, C. M. Tigner was general manager


Publication: The Fairmount News

Fairmount, IN, United States
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Since the discovery of natural gas in this favored section of Indiana the commerce of many places has been revolutionized, so to speak. Manufacturing concerns of every character have been established, prominent among which are glass factories. This wonderful product of nature is eminently superior to any other kind of fuel in the production of every kind of glassware. It produces an even and intense heat at a comparatively small cost and enables the manufacturer to put a superior quality of goods upon the market at a handsome profit which those using coke are not able to make. In this article we wish to mention a leading concern of the gas belt known as the Dillon Glass Co. It is located in Fairmount near the C. W. & M. tracks where shipping facilities are of the best, and affords 125 to 150 hands employment. It has been in operation over a year and has proven of incalculable benefit to our city. A superior quality of fruit jars, bottles, oil cans, etc., are turned out and shipped abroad. These goods and works cover three acres of ground. The furnace room is sixty by ninety feet and contains the large continuous tank where the material is melted and where the blowers work. This tank is a vast improvement over the old pot furnace and has a capacity of holding 125 tons of molten glass. Eighteen tempering ovens are used. The Dillon Glass Co., is a substantial organization, its officials being some of our best known local capitalists. J. H. Parker is president of the company and Levi Scott secretary and treasurer. C. M. Tigner is general manager and being a practical glass man he is well qualified to superintend the works. He is perfectly familiar with every detail of glass making and knows precisely how every department should be run to secure the best results. This factory has a capacity for manufacturing one hundred and twenty-five gross of fruit jars a day. It has been in operation one year and has gained a wide reputation for turning out a high grade of goods and for fair dealing. The "Mason" and "Standard" jars are manufactured in great quantities in pint, quart and half gallon sizes. Only the best goods are allowed to leave the factory and all orders are promptly shipped. in fact, this promptness is one of the leading characteristics of the place. The office affairs are in charge of A. B. Scott a young gentleman of excellent business qualifications. The Dillon Glass Co., is one of the leading concerns and its prosperity is worthy of notice.





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