Minerallac impregnated insulator (Unity) displayed at Iowa convention

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Publication: Telephony

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 62, no. 14, p. 454, col. 1-2

Minerallac Electric Co.'s Exhibit at the Iowa Convention.

One of the most interesting exhibits at the Iowa convention in Des Moinses last week was that of the Minerallac Electric Co., Chicago. The principal feature of the exhibit was the display of Unity insulators, the new type of combined insulator and pin which has recently been placed on the market by this company.


Unity Insulators Under Test at Des Moines Convention.
Unity Insulators Under Test at Des Moines Convention.


To demonstrate the high insulating properties of this pin, a high tension test was arranged. A wire was strung across the pins in the insulator grooves and another wire was fastened on top of the cross arm. A high potential was applied to the wire on the insulators and an arc was formed between the wires at the pole but was not in evidence at the insulators.

A new insulating compound for low tension and telephone work was also exhibited. It is known as the Minerallac No. 20 Compound and is used largely in potheads and terminals. The exhibit, which was in charge of J. R. Calhoun and J. C. Mench, attracted much attention, and many favorable comments were heard regarding the Unity insulators.


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