Grand Army of the Republic encampment; RC & RG Hemingray listed on reception committee


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States



Successful in Numbers and Enthusiasm and Satisfactory as to the General Arrangements.

There was a good attendance of citizens at the court house last night to make the preliminary arrangements for the coming meeting of the Department Encampment G.A R. of Indiana. The meeting was made up principally of leading citizens and the active workers in the G.A.R. and W.R.C.

Mayor Cromer was called upon to preside and Major Wildman briefly stated the object of the meeting. Department Commander O.A. Marsh, Adjutant General Smock, Quartermaster General Weaver and Mrs. Nettie Rainsford, president of the W.R.C. were present and all made short but interesting remarks in the way of information to the several committees in charge of the work.

The number that will be in attendance will probably exceed the expectations of the citizens of Muncie but there was a general expession [sic] expression by those present that they would all be entertained in a manner unsurpassed by any other city in the state up to this time. The members of the W.R.C. were well represented and are going to be enthusiastic in the work. Various committees had been previously selected and the names are given below. Some of them had met and organized and others are yet to meet for that purpose. Work of preparation will begin at once and it is hoped that no one will stand back and wait for someone else to do the work. With the names presented and adopted, as committees, the work will be comparatively light on all, but it will require cordial and hearty cooperation to meet the demands made upon the city in properly caring for this great assemblage. Muncie’s name and fame for hospitality and cordiality has never yet suffered on any occasion and it will not now. Give a litte [sic] little time to make the boys in blue feel at home and as among friends.

The following is the list of the committees and the names of members.


George W. Cromer, Chairman

F.J. Claypool, Secretary.

G.W. H. Kemper, Treasurer

J C Johnson                    C M Kimbrough

George F McCulloch      W S Richey

T F Rose                        W J Hilligoss

A W Brady                     Frank Ellis


G W H Kemper              C M Kimbrough

Geo F McCulloch            T H Kirby

A L Johnson                    Lee Lacey

Mark Powers                  J E Haffner



Rev J F Carney               Granville . . . [illegible text] . . .


Mayor G W Cromer        Bert Bradbury

Wm Abbott                     R H . . . [illegible text] . . .

Frank Anderton               Joseph A Brown

Walter Andrews              Dr Geo W Backlia

Geo E Andrews               C A Budd

Charles Baldwin              W J Carson

Ed M Ball                       James C Chamberlain

R M Ball                        A W Chapman

Walter M Ball                Rev S S Clarks

Geo H Ball                    O W Crabbs

John E Banta                 O N (illegible text)

Thos H Barton               Geo O Cromwell

R J Beatty                     James N. Cropper

Wm A Blair                  M S Claypool

Charles Boldt                Rev. B F Cross

Joseph F Bowers          Walter L Davis

B F Bowman               W E Driscoll

Geo E Dungan              F A Eldred

Charles Emerson           Rev F H Hays

John R Ervin                R C Hemingray

Duck Everett                R G Hemingray

W E Floyd                    H H Highlands

C P Franklin                 EH Hoover

Jerre Gerrard                O A Johnson

Samuel Gayman            Jacob W Keesling

J A Goddard                Eugene Kelley

J V Gilbert                   R S Gregory

R C Griffith                  A L Kerwood

F D Halmbaugh            J P Kessler

John A Hamilton          C W Kilgors

T E Harrington             Chas A Kitts

Thos F Hart                 Henry G Klein

George Koerner           Geo T Hartey

Will P Koons               Geo L Lenon

A V R Patton               Frank Leon

Joseph Parter               Dr J C Quick

Oliver Raymond           J O (illegible text)

D H McAbee               J W Ream

J H McClung                John K Ritter

C C McCrillina             Harden Roads

John W Ryan                Thomas McKillip

Wm P Sherry                Geo N McLaughlin

A L Shideler                  C L Medsker

C E Shipley                    W W Shirk

A J Meeks                      A J Slinger

J F Meredith                   Ephraim Smell

John S Moore                 James Smith

C F W Neely                  E P Smith

F B Nickey                     T P Snell

Lon M Neely                   M C Smith

Edward Olcott                Elmer Smith

Dr W A Spurgeon           C S Wachtell

L E Starr                         Quince Walling

Marion Stewart               . . . [illegible text] . . . Warner

Jacob Stiffler                     A J Williams

Dr H M Winans                J L Streeter

E E Sutton                        C A Winters

O H Swain                       Burt Whiteley

Dr G W Searcy                 Wm H Wood

Zora Sharp                        A L Wright

James N Templer               E O Yockey

Geo Shaw                          John Douglas

John W Taylor                   C B Templer

Reuben Thompson             Wm A Thompson

Dr I N Trent                       J B Turner

Rev. Broylse                       Rev. E W Stewart

M E Vandercook.

Committee from the Woman’s Relief Corps to act with like committees of the G.A.R. and citizens were appointed as follows:


Miss A Davidson                 Mrs Marr Dowell

Mrs M Cashdollar               Mrs Della Stuvey

Mrs Mary Work.


Mrs M Lockwood              Delia Shewmaker

Mrs J McLaughlin               Mrs E Brooks

Mrs Della Stuvey                Mrs P Crouch

Mrs Julia Richey                 Miss M Mansfield

Miss A Davidson


Miss Essie Johnson             Mrs Mary Dowell

Miss Rose Russell               Mrs J W Kaesling

Mrs F C McGrath               Mrs M McDowell




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