Troublesome Girls, strike at Hemingray, made demand of John Gray Superintendent for more wages, laid in wait for Ralph Hemingray with stones & clubs


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States



They Demand More Wages, are Organized and Make Threats “Indiana” Lassies Fight.

At the Hemingray Glass Works yesterday morning, the twelve or fifteen girls employed made a demand for more wages and being refused, quit work.

The girls are employed at cleaning lamps and other wares made in the factory and they have been receiving about $2.50 per week for their work. Some of them get a trifle more.

It seems that they were well organized. When the spokesman made the demand of superintendent John Gray for more wages he informed them that their demand would not be considered and he gave them five minutes time in which to decide whether they would got to work or get out of the factory. They decided not to work and all filed out and the company stated that their places are being filled.

Another story, which is denied by the company, is to the effect that the girls got out of the factory and laid for Ralph Hemingray, one of the proprietors, with stones and clubs, and that Mr. Hemingray kept himself concealed from the irate strikers.

It is claimed that they are carefully watching the factory to see that no other girls fill their places, but the factory is moving right along.


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