A Novel Event; Trolley Party attended by Mrs. R.C. Hemingray


Publication: The Muncie Daily Herald

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 10, no. 126, p. 1, col. 3


Mrs. Thad A. Neely Gives a Delightful

Trolley Party.

Mrs. Thad A. Neely is known as a hostess who always entertains in a novel manner. Yesterday afternoon she gave a delightful trolley party which was the society event of the season. Mrs. Hattie Johnson was the guest of honor.

The guests assembled at Mrs. Neely’s spacious home at Main and Elm streets and were served wit delicious iced punch on the lawn. At three o’clock an open summer car fairly covered wit roses, smilax and carnations was stopped in front of the Neely home and the lady guests were assisted to seats. The car then traversed every line used by the Citizens Street Railway company. On North View quantities of luscious apples were gathered from the orchard near F.C. Ball’s Minnetrista Place” and presented to the ladies. At five o’clock the car reached Westside park and was stopped in the shade while colored waiters served cooling ices and very delicious cake.

The party was a novel one and is the start of a society fad that will no doubt become very popular. The guests were: Misses Belle Thomas and Jennie Neely and Mesdames Burt H. Whitely, C.L. Bender, J. F. Wildman, H. R. Wysor, J. W. Ream, J. R. Sprankle, T. F. Rose, R. S. Gregory, C. M. Turner, H. H. Highlands, C. G. Neely, A. J. Wachtell, Dr. Lynn, James Smith, Wm. N. Whitely, W. W. Shirk, J. W. Garner, J. A. Meeks, A. J. Phinney, O. A. Johnson, R. C. Hemingray, G. W. Bower, W. R. Maddy, R. J. Beatty, W. S. Richey, C. F. W. Neely, Kate H. Wilson, Frank Thrall.


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