Trolley Party, Mrs. Ralph Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Many Ladies Enjoy a Trolley Ride – Mrs. C. N. Wilcoxon as Hostess.

About seventy-six ladies were delightfully entertained last evening by Mrs. C. N. Wilcoxon with a trolley ride. At 5 o’clock the ladies assembled at the residence of Mrs. Wilcoxon and a half hour later took the cars at the corner of elm and Main streets. Two cars were in service. They had been arranged with a line of electric bulbs along the sides which were shaded wit Japanese lanterns. The inside lights were shaded with bunting of the National colors, which was draped from corner to corner. After making the trip to Industry and to Congerville, the guests were taken to Westside and at the loop the cars stopped, the lights in all their brilliancy were turned on, and an elegant repast was found in readiness. Lap boards, the length of the car seats, had been prepared, covered with linen coverings and each made a table for eight or ten. An elegant supper was served in courses, consisting of coffee, salads, pressed chicken, pickles, olives, bread and butter, ice cream, cakes and confections, the ice cream being served in dainty paper cups. After an hour spent in merriment and a general good time, a part of it spent in strolling around the park, the guests took the cars for a continuation of the ride to Riverside. Several toasts were given in honor and appreciation of the hostess’ happy faculty of entertaining. The guests were then brought back to the place of starting on Elm street, from which point they separated for their homes, delighted with the pleasures of the occasion. Those presenter were

Mesdames –

Elizabeth Wilson              W W Shirk

J N Templer                    John W Garner

E J Wallace                     J L Kingsbury

Carrie Burt                      R S Gregory

Thomas Morgan               W H Moreland

Louisa Cassady               C L Medsker

E W Bishop                    W E Hitchcock

Chas H Anthony             Harvey Long

C H Church                   O L Bender

Frank A Thrall               Vernon Davis

Lee Coffeen                   Will Meeks

Geo H Andrews             Giles Collins

J E Durham                    J F Wick

A J Phinney                   Will Youse

Ervil Bishop                    G O Janney

J S Martin                      W S Richey

Geo M Bard                   Harvey Koontz

Carl Franklin                  James Smith

Harry Wysor                 G W H Kemper

Elmer Smith                   S V Gilbert

C G Neely                    Frank Harris

A J Williams                 W R Snyder

C F W Neely                H H Harlott

Milton Long                 D Cammack

O A Johnson                J F Wildman

Milton Gray                 Chas Brown

William Dickey             Ralph Hemingray

W M Winans                Milton Thomas

W F McDowell            F M Valentine




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