Gathering of Nations play given, Ashley Hemingray in Scotch group



Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Shown to an Enthusiastic Audience

-Entertainment Well Received –

An entertainment known as the Gathering of the Nations was given at the Wysor Grand last night. Mrs. Weller, of New York, arrived in the city some ten days ago and began organizing the forces for this exhibition, which was the most novel and pleasing of anything of this character ever given in the city. The cast of characters was made up by young ladies and gentlemen and children from four to eighteen years old. Of course with the little children, mistakes in movements were expected, but the simplicity of the thing and the honesty of the errors was one of the points that made the entertainment doubly interesting. After music by the orchestra the curtain was rung up by and the grant march took place which was to assemble all the nations represented on the stage, each company being costumed in accordance with the character. They were arranged in the following order: Young Americans, Nurses, Germans, Uncle Sam, English and American quadrille, Irish, Danes, Scotch, Sailors, Merry Makers and Turks.

Little Mary Meeks, age four years, capture the audience with a dance. The assembling of all the characters on the stage made a company of nearly 200 and was a beautiful sight.

The curtain was run down and afterwards each specialty was introduced and it was all so well done and so pleasing that round after round of applause followed each number, several encores being responded to.

An incident full of pathos awakened sympathy throughout the entire audience. A little tot made a misstep and fell upon the platform, her partner in the dance standing by her pityingly until she arose wiping away tears with the backs of her chubby little hands. She was out of her place but for a moment and taking hold of her partner’s hand with one of her own while with the other she lifted a corner of her dress and wiped the tears from her cheeks, her natural and childlike actions drew upon the sympathy of everybody and more than two hundred people could have taken her in their arms and affectionately kissed away the tears.

Little Ruth Leffler, bright and chubby and absorbed with her part, scarcely large enough to keep up with her companions, attracted everybody’s attention from the start by her sedate and earnest ways and was the recipient of a handsome bouquet of flowers from some appreciative admirer in the audience.



Louise Thomas                    Agnes Monroe

Meda . . . [illegible text] . . .                    Edith Jones

Nathalla Bricker                  Mineaux Hartley

Bernice Hartley                   Nadie Stockey

Elsie Humphrey                   Blanche Dowell

Edna Hulbert                       Nellis McClung

Ella Jones                            Mabel Slinger

Vida Woods                        Mabel Reigie

Mabel Warren                     Nellie Henry


Patroness – Mrs. Little.

Florence Gregory                 Fern Stokely

Charlotte Bishop                  Janet Turner

Ashley Hemingray          Ruth Crampton

Mabel Goodlander                Clara Youngman

Stella Geiger                        Emily Howe

Ethel Davis                          Lena Turner

Lillie Shauffelberger             Florence Ream

Mary Meeks – age, four years.


Patroness – Mrs. Kingsbury.

Caroline Wood                      Louise Phinney

Blanche Winters                   Gertrude Clark

Helen Smith                          Louise Lyman

Blanche Higgen-                    Lottie Shaw bogham


Patroness – Miss Winifred Smith.

Lydia Miller                          Bertha Hamilton

Agnes Howe                        Sara Kirby

Ethel Cunnington                  Fern Mitchell

Edith Blair                            Bessie Baughman


Patroness – Mrs. Cassady.

Ralph Garst                         Harry Orr

Will Cassady                       Fred Rose

Stanley Pershing                  Will Haymond

John McMillan                     Paul Miller

Walt Gregory                       Loring Tyner

Ralph Bard                          Frank Shirk

Herb Johnson                      Robert Scott

Harry Hartley                      George Bart

Clifford Oliver

The gross receipts were $157.00 and gross expenses $75, leaving $42 net profit from the entertainment.


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