Delightfully Entertained, Rob Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Last evening Miss Grace Johnson entertained a number of her friends at the beautiful home of her parents, A.L. Johnson and wife, on East Washington street. The event was in honor of Miss Mary Todd, of Bluffton. The lawn looked very beautiful, being illuminated with Japanese lanterns. One of the most interesting features of the evening was a guessing contest, which resulted in Miss Hudie Smith winning first prize and Mr. Will Thompson securing second. During the evening light refreshments were served. Those presenter were: Misses Agnes Howe, Clifford Bower, Marion Wood, Edna Boyce, Edna Harrington, of Chicago, Etna Hurrle, Emma Case, Eva Winchester, Erna Eiler, Hudie Smith, Louise Maddy, Mary Todd, of Bluffton, Grace Johnson, Reba Koons and Helen Hickman.   Messrs. Lloyd Kimbough, Albert Martin, Will Kemper, Max Bishop, Walter Howe, Xenia Smith, Rob Hemingray, Arthur Meeks, Frannk Kimbrough, Ray Johnson, Walter Brown, Earl Boyce, Will Wade, Karl Oesterle, Delbert Galligher, Garth Martin and Will Thompson.


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