Progressive Euchre; Ralph Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States

Progressive Euchre.


Mr. and Mrs. Ned Howe entertained a number their friends at progressive euchre, at their home on east Washington street, last evening. The guests spent the evening delightfully and much interest was taken in the games. Mrs. W. L. Little won the first lady's prize and Mrs. Martha James won the prize for the most lone hands. The first gentleman's prize was awarded to Mr. Henry Klein and Mr. Al Wright secured the prize for the most lone hands. Refreshments were served during the evening. The guests were:

Messrs. and Mesdames George M. Bard, Elmer Whiteley, W. S. Richey, Ralph Hemingray, A. E. Whitney, Henry Klein, Matt Klein of Crawfordsville, Fred W. Heath, J. E. Durham, George F. McCulloch, Carl Spilker, W. L. Little, A. J. Williams, Al Wright, T. F. Rose, Vol Gilbert, Thomas Morgan, Marcus Claypool, Carl Franklin, Will Youse, C. T. Dages, Will Patterson and F. B. Thrall; Mrs. Martha James and Mr. George Spilker.


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