Miss Turner Entertains, Carroll Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States
no. 14, p. 1

Miss Turner Entertains.

Miss Fannie Turner entertained eighteen young lady friends Saturday afternoon at her home, corner of Charles and Jefferson streets, in honor of Miss Carol Hemingray. A unique featnre of the afternoon was an advertisement guessing contest in which Miss Carol Hemingray won first prize and Miss Nadine Wilson second. A number of advertisements were clipped from the magazines and hung abont the veranda and trees. The young ladies then guessed what the "ads" were for. After the contest, ices were served. The guests were: Misses Carol Hemingray, Nadine Wilson, Hattie Johnson, Carrie Andrews, Helen Hickman, Helen Smith, Clara Koons, Fannie Shipley, Vida Cassady, Reba Richey, Grace Gayman and guest, Miss Helbie, Miss Schrader, of Indianapolis, Miss Thompson, of Wabash and Mesdames Nellie Andrews and Blanche Sheffield.


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