Glass Notes of Local Interest; Commoner & Glassworker of last week; Hemingray is working but that is all they will say, watching conditions


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 1


Improvements as Humphries Window Glass Wage Conference.

Correspondence in last week's Commoner and Glassworker over the signature of "Mack" says that another four-ton tank and new lehrs have been put in at the Muncie flint glass works, or Humphries, as many call the factory.

"Hemingray's, Mack continues, "are working, but that is all they are willing to say, other than they are watching conditions and can not take a hopeful view of the future of the glass trade in their particular line."

The Indianapolis News had the following, Saturday: "T. F. Hart, the prominent window-glass manufacturer, is at the Bates. We have a meeting next week, he said, to adjust the wage scale. Prices still rule exceedingly low, and we do not know when we shall start up the mills again. Although this is a protected industry and has long been so, it has never made a competence for a single manufacturer. I say competence, mind you. It has never made any man a competence, let alone a millionaire."


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