Con Hemingray kicked by horse in shoulder while riding his bicycle


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 19, p. 1




Miss Christy Ketzer Badly Injured

Con Hemingray Kicked

Edward Bass Hurt.

About 8 o'clock this morning, Miss Christy Ketzer was painfully injured in a gas explosion at Dock Everett's restaurant where she is employed. She attempted to light the gas in the stove in the basement. There was a leak in the pipe and the gas which had accumulated exploded. The top of the stove was lifted off, the pipe was knocked down and she was burned on the right arm. The accident did not and will not prevent Mr. Everett from serving his usual first class meals, especially his Sunday dinners.

Yesterday, the surveying party making the preliminary survey of the new road from Muncie to Richmond, consisting of Charles Knott, John Neely, Charles Shellon, Charles Ratliff, Will Isbester, Milton Ridge, Charles Elwood, Frank Ellison and Charles Ballinger, returned from Losantville. Con Hemingray, who had been with the party, returned on his bicycle. Enroute he had to pass a farmer on horseback. The horse suddenly lifted a hind leg and kicked Con on the left shoulder very hard, injuring him badly.

This morning. Ed Bass, colored, had two fingers painfully mashed at Smith's bending works while loading a car. Dr. Cowing attended him.


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