Indiana's Silver Service; silver set for Battleship Indiana will be presented' Ralph Hemingray listed as subscriber


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States
no. 44, p. 1


Presentation to the Great Batle Ship Will Soon Be Made.

The silver service for the battle ship Indiana, winch was purchased through popular subscription, will be presented to the commander and crew in New York harbor Sept. 21.

The names of the Muncie people who contributed towards the service are; James Boyce, Edward Tuhey, George L. Lenon (deceased), George K. McCulloch, Arthur W. Brady, T. F. Rose, Thomas Morgan, Hardin Roads, A. L. Johnson, Edward Olcott, Joseph A. Goddard, R. J. Beatty, Indiana Iron company, Ball Brothers, J. C. Johnson, R. G. Hemingray, C. M. Turner, John J. Hartley, John M. Kirby, W. E. Hitchcock, Fred Klopfer, J. H. Smith, Henry L. Hopping, Arthur C. Pershing, Robert W. Monroe, F. B. Nickey, Frank T. Reed, Capt. W. J. Hilligoss, M. Cohen, O. N. Cranor, David A. Lambert, John E. Reed, Reuben Thompson, T. H. Barton and Dr. W. A. Spurgeon.


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