Royally Entertained; Ashley Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States
col. 2

Royally Entertained.


Last evening Miss Lydia and Paul Miller delightfully entertained over one hundred of their young friends at their home on Kirby avenue. The evening was spent very pleasantly in games and various amusements. During the evening light refreshments were served. Misses Edith Jones and Clara Taska officiated at the punch bowl.

The guests were: Misses Edna Hoover, Ella Cates, Mattie McKinley, Edith Greeley, Cora Huffer, Bertha Hamilton, Pearl Snyder, Bessie Bothman, Maud Pugh, Bertha Hamilton, LaRhule Dungan, Ada Cammack, Mildred Westlake, Alice Snell, Stella Ball, Amelia Meeks, Jennie Eagdan. Clara Besack, Eva McConnell, Pearl Bennett, Pearl Howell, Ethel Dowell, Ashley Hemingray, Laura Ault, Mamie Kennedy, Marie Carmichael, Mabel Neff, Nettie Gass, Bessie Perry, Susie Perry, Maud Johnson, Lucy Moore, Rena Harris, Clara Youngman, Tela Jacobs, Gertrude Gibson, Clara Cones, Mary Jones, Kate Jones, May Charman, Bessie Bunch, Effie Venard, Myrtle Snyder, Lillie Snyder, Lola Harrington, Floe Gregory, Lillian Schonfield, Erma Morris, Hattie Maggs; Messrs. Harry Moore, Robert Scott, Robert Hamilton, Earl Hodge, Osborn Nihart, Loring Tyner, Walter Scott, Joseph Canning, Fred Klein, Carl Storer, Claud McCallaway, Ollie Campbell, Clarence Keiser, Ben Glascock, Earl Meeks, Herman Bowles, John Jones, Gwyliam Jones, Chauncey Spayde, Albert Martin, Morris Wolfe, Ralph Garst, John McMillan, Frank Shirk, David Case, Harry Hartley, Herbert Smell, Will Kemper, Burt Holder, Robert Price, Harry Orr, Clarence Callaway, Cliff Hulbert, Clifford Taylor, Frank Crandall, Fred Crandall, Fred Leslie, Rollin Streeter, Frank Ricks, John Dean, Carl Janney, Arthur Meeks, Will Hammond, Walter Haymond.


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