Delaware Club Ball; Ralph Hemingray listed


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


It Was a Brilliant Affair, Greatly Enjoyed by Those Present.

The first annual ball of the Delaware club occurred in the new Shirk hall, on east Jackson street, last night and was a very brilliant affair. Forty oouples were present and greatly enjoyed the hospitality of the club. Twenty numbers and four extras were danced to music furnished by the Opera House orchestra, under the leadership of Prof. Damm. During the evening Caterer Hummell served refreshments in the rear room of the hall.

Those present were: Messrs. and Mesdmes J. A. Fisher, Charles Prutzman, E. O. Dubois, Stewart Sampson, A. J. Williams, Frank Nickey, Ralph Hemingray, R. T. Winters, H. H. Highlands, J. R. Marsh.

Emily Olcott, Florence MecNaughton, Maude Neeley, Helen Smith, Hattie Johnson, Mae King, Alice Lynn, Eva Winchester, Vida Cassady, Margaret Mason, Bessie Ellis, Erna Eiler, Marian Reed, Linnie Coffeen, Allie Snell, Nettie Gass, Nadine Wilson, Bessie Williams, Ida Jacobs, Louise Anthony, and Messrs. James Richardson, Ed Wildermuth, John O. Sprowl, George Bailey, John P. Ryan, Arthnr Cassady, Robert Williams, Will Myers, R. E. Walker, Walt McNaughton, Jess Carmichael, Roy Coffeen,Walter Brown, Fred Georgia. J. Carl O'Harra, Walter Ryan, Walter Baker, Ray Hickok, Albert Richey, Harry Cates, Charlie Midelburg, Harry Parsons, Ray Johnson, Edgar Williams, Gus Erck, Fred Swain, John McNaughton.


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