Hemingray's have closed down and are repairing the furnaces; they will re-open in a few weeks


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


The following items are from last week’s Commoner and Glassworker: “Ball Bros. are building a large tank, which as near as we can understand, is going to be an experiment tank, as they have one of Arbogast’s machines here, and it is thought that they are going to make machine made bottles. It will be ready for operation about Feb. 1.

I see in your issue of Nov. 21 a piece about the war waged on Heinz goods in the gas belt. The only real fight made on them is made by Albert J. Evans of L.U. No. 23. He has issued circulars to every dealer, and has sent them to the large cities, so when the agent drops into town he is shown one of these circulars. Mr. Evans is well known throughout the trade, especially through the gas belt, as he is one of the staunch leaders of the gas belt movement, and he has an army of friends and followers of all crafts.

Hemingrays’ have closed down, but have a large force of men repairing the furnaces, and will be ready to start in a few weeks, full force, as they have lots of orders on hand.

The Port Glass Co. are running to full capacity and are making silver clear in three tanks. This firm never has trouble with bad glass.




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