Cook Pottery Company Factory

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review and Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 68, no. 26, p. 1174, col. 1-2

View in Press Room of The Cook Pottery Company's Factory.


View in Press Room of The Cook Pottery Company
View in Press Room of the Cook Pottery Company's Factory.


Practically all the porcelain used in the electrical industry requires great care in its manufacture to insure the electrical and mechanical properties required. Every detail in the process, from the selection and mixing of the raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, requires continual supervision and frequent close inspection. Following out such a policy has given The Cook Pottery Company, of Trenton, N. J., its reputation for turning out goods on a strict quality basis. It prides itself on producing porcelain of a clear white color and of extreme accuracy. The secret of this latter quality lies largely in the careful work done in the press room, a view of which is shown above; the photograph was taken just as the men were about to start their day's work. The company is now operating 69 presses with a daily output of 225,000 pieces of porcelain. There is being turned out at this factory dry-process work of every description and in sizes ranging from the very small, weighing 25 ounces to the 1,000 pieces, to the very large pieces, weighing over 6-1/2 tons per 1,000. In the foreground can be seen an inspector gauging and closely examining a large piece of work that had been pressed up on the preceding day.


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