CH Over Glass Fire, Hemingray employees helped fight fire


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 20, no. 92, p. 1, col. 3




North Cutting Room With a Large

Amount of Glass a Total Loss

Covered by Insurance.

C. H. Over and Company's window glass works, which was burned five years ago, was visited again by destructive fire last evening which before it was extinguished, damaged the plant to the extent of between $10,000 and $15,000, so the proprietors estimate. Prompt work of the factory fire departpartment [sic] department and that of Hemingrays', Ball Brothers' and the city department prevented the destruction of the entire factory.

The fire was discovered at 6:30 o'clock in the northeast corner of the north cutting room near a stove, the fire in which was burning low. Gas jets were burning and it is believed that the fire originated from one of these causes.   The flames were under good headway when discovered, spread rapidly and burned fiercely. The factory employes quickly laid three lines of hose and Hemingrays and Ball Brothers' speedily followed with one line each. The city department laid four lines and under Chief Shepp's direction the spectators saw the first glass factory fire in the gas belt that secured a good start extinguished without the plant being laid in ruins.

The fire was confined mostly to the north cutting room despite the fact that it adjoined the new flattening room on the north and the factory on the east. The roof of the flattening room was burned but the oven, which was built this fire, was scarcely damaged. The east cupola in the factory was slightly burned and it is here that the good work of the firemen is evident for very few thought that the factory property would be saved. Mr. C. H. Over complimented the city department in a warm manner.

Men were put to work this morning cleaning up the debris and Mr. Lewis Over said that work would be resumed in all the departments of the plant Monday morning at 1 o'clock. The company had two cutting rooms and the remaining room will be worked double shift until the other one is rebuilt.

There was a large quantity of glass in the cutting room, all of which was ruined. This constitutes nearly all of the loss, the damage to the buildings being only nominal. There is $36,000 insurance on the plant. One thousand dollars is in the Niagara of New York, P. K. Morrison, agent. The rest was with George M. Cobb as follows:

Merchants, New Jersey; Orienb [sic] Orient Hartford; Connecticut, Hartford; Franklin, Evansville; Pacific, New York; Lancashire, Lloyds; Manufacturers Fire Association, Miller's Manufacturers, North German, Manufacturers and Merchants, Ohio Farmers, Associated Underwriters, AEtna, Harford, Springfield, German of Indianapolis, Traders Globle, Schuylkill and Fire Association.


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