Findlay Electric Porcelain Company Factory

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review and Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 68, no. 26, p. 1131, col. 1-2

View in Dipping Room of The Findlay Electric Porcelain Company


View in Dipping Room of The Findlay Electric Porcelain Company's Factory.
View in Dipping Room of the Findlay Electric Porcelain Company's Factory.


The many uses of porcelain in the electrical industry have resulted in bringing the manufacture of electrical porcelain to a very highly developed point. A great deal of study has been given to the properties of porcelain for insulating purposes and the influence thereon of manufacturign methods. From these studies manufacturers have profited greatly and notably The Findlay Electric Porcelain Company, whose factory at Findlay, O., covers several acres and includes several departments. Above is shown a view in a department known as the dipping room, in which the glaze is applied to the ware. In the foreground can be seen stacked on drying boards several thousand Buckeye patented reversible split knobs for which the company owns the exclusive manufacturing rights. The company also manufactures the Findlay patented interchangeable self-centering split knob and a complete line of standard electric porcelain products of the hightest grade. There are also facilities for making special porcelain according to special drawings and specifications.


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Researcher notes:The Buckeye reversible split knob is patent 1,048,850. The interchangeable self-centering split knob is patent 1,060,886.
Supplemental information: Patents: 1,048,850; 1,060,886
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