At the Fair - Fancy Indian Club Swinging by Miss Carroll Hemingray


Publication: The Kentucky Post

Covington, KY, United States


Children’s Home Show a Big Success.


Everything From Indians to Gibson Girls.

The young man who went to Vanity Fair Thursday night in the Children’s Home, Covington, with only $5, walked home. All the booths in the fair were crowded. With Friday night’s show and the children’s matinee in Ideal Hall Friday and Saturday afternoons there is no doubt that the home will raise its debt.

The following was the program of concert and vaudeville, repeated every 30 minutes:

Selection, the Kenton Mandolin Club; vocal solo, Walton Hill; recitation, Miss Nettie Connelly; quartet, Miss Simral [sic] Simrall, Miss Liebhardt, Mr. Hill and Mr. Dopnnell, humorous sketch, Shinkle and Kerr; soprano solo, Miss Susan Simrall; selection, Kenton Banjo Club; fancy Indian Club swinging, Miss Caroll Hemingray; recitation, Miss Connelly, coon song, M. Fred Joyce; recitation, Will Ranson; duet Miss Pinney, Miss Bergen; solo, Miss Fannie Connelly, female baritone; quartet, Miss Hattie Connelly, Miss Fannie Connelly, Miss Pinney and Miss Bergen; accompanist, Dr. Charles Kearns, Jr.

Geisha and Smoking rooms.

In the Geisha room were Louise Simrall, Ruth Simrall, Elizabeth Simrall, Marae Simrall, Isabella Simrall, Grace Collins, Mrs. Ellsworth Davis, Anna Holmes, Mrs. Durrett, Miss Collins, Mrs. John Ernst, Mrs. James Miner and Mrs. Simrall.

The ladies in the Turkish smoking room were: Mrs. Stanley Archibald, Mrs. Taylor Goshorn, Mrs. John Picton, Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Charles Stowe Reno, Miss Hastings, Miss Fenley, Miss Collins, Miss Eaton, Miss Wood, Miss Kinkead, Miss Westfall, Miss fisher, Miss Hunter, Miss Peel, assisted by James Thompson.

Jerry Kirtley ran the museum, assisted by Mrs. F.A. Laidley and Mrs. R.W. Dugan.

The Indian Village.

In the Indian village were: Mrs. Charles C. Boyd, Mrs. A.P. Rose, Mrs. J.P. Heizor, Mrs. M.T. Shine, Miss Fannie Michel, Miss Harriet Collins, Miss Fannie Mausen, Miss Rose McDonald, Miss McVean, Miss Helen Shine, Miss Sue Boyd, Miss Lucy Blackburn, Miss Elizabeth Blakely, Mr. Michel, Dr. Fennimore Randebush, Ralph McDonald and Fenley Hunter.

Gibson Pictures.

The Gibson living pictures were presented by Miss Caroll Hemingray%, Miss Sparks Hastings, Clifford Shinkle, Miss Eloise Cleary, Miss Virginia Ernst, Miss Edith Hudson, Will Ranson, Miss Janie Thompson, Nathan Ernst, Miss Maude Maybery, Miss Elizabeth Westfall, Mrs. Shelly Rouse, Miss Nellie Louise Hood, Frank Noonan, Miss Margaret Kirtley, Harry Stuard, Mrs. Nathan Ernst, Miss Mary Ernest, Miss Jane Thompson and Joe Kerry.

Mrs. Edward S. Grant was chairman, and Mrs. James Daniels, Mrs. James Bryan and Mrs. William Perkins were on the committee.


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