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Publication: Electrical Review and Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 69, no. 11, p. 484, col. 2

Pass & Seymour Electrical Supplies for the Export Trade.


The statement has been repeatedly made that to stimulate export trade American manufacturers must adapt their products to the needs and tastes of the prospective foreign purchasers. In electrical goods this has meant the development of lines of electrical supplies which conform to the standards and practices in vogue in various countries. In general, these standards have not been on as rigorous a basis as is called for by our National Electrical Code and the practices as to types of sockets, receptacles and other fittings have been largely European, particularly German. This has been especially true of South American countries.


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To meet the special requirements of the export trade, particularly with Latin-American countries, the Export Department of Pass & Seymour, Incorporated, Syracuse. N. Y., has developed a comprehensive line of electrical supplies specially designed to conform to foreign specificaŽtions. A few examples of these fittings are illustrated herewith. They are made of the best quality of copper, brass and porcelain and in construction also are superior to the Continental and other European products that were formerly most in use in the foreign markets referred to. The Pass & Seymour firm has long been carrying on conŽsiderable export business. By giving this department special attention in recent years, involving a close study of foreign methods and desires, its export trade has been built up to excellent proportions.


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