Owens Illinois applies to list additional shares on exchange; Hemingray payment due June 29, 1933 with 17,827 shares of stock and $177,000


Publication: The Wall Street Journal

New York, NY, United States



Applies to List 22,827 Additional Shares

Common on Stock Exchange


Owens-Illinois Glass Co. has made application to the New York Stock Exchange to list 22,827 additional shares of common stock, par $25, to be used in part payment of the O'Neill Machine Co. and the Hemingray Glass Co.

The assets of the O'Neill Machine Co. were acquired by Owens-Illinois recently by the payment of 5,000 common shares of Owens-Illinois, $100,000 cash and $200,000 par value of 10-year 5% sinking fund Owens-Illinois gold debentures.

For the assets of the Hemingray Glass Co. Owens Illinois is to pay on or before June 29, 1933, 17,827 Owens-Illinois common shares and $177,000 in cash. Owens-Illinois also assumes certain liabilities of the Hemingray Glass Co.

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