Hemingray Glass Company

Producer Gas Experiment


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States


Are Hemingrays on New

Kind of Fuel.


Hemingray's glass factory have started on an experiment, which, if it should prove successful, will change the entire mode of heating throughout their plant. The proposition is an artificial gas plant which has been placed under one of the pots. The gas is generated from coal and costs no more than the natural gas which is now used. The plant was put into running order yesterday and on the resumption of work proved very successful as far as could be judged. The plant will be run for several weeks and if no faults are found in it the entire force of heating facilities of the plant will be changed. Should the work in this factory prove successful and if it is found that fuel can be furnished cheaply in this manner, it is probable that nearly all of Muncie's factories will adopt it in place of the inadequate supply of natural gas.

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