Diamond Glass Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Glass Notes; Diamond is rushing repairs

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Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 29, no. 48, p. 2, col. 1


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tional Details Regarding New Glass

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Toronto, Can., Aug 31. Nearly all the local workers are back from camp with fish stories galore. All are now ready for work and it looks like a busy season for everybody.

The Diamond Glass Co. are rushing repairs and expect to be running the two tanks by Sept. 15, and it looks as if things will be about the same around the plant, with the same class of ware being made. It does not look as if the automatic machines have put any one out of it around here as yet.

One energetic manager, who, by the way, is very popular, says he will have things in better shape for the workers to make money this coming blast than they ever were before.

The Independent Producers Glass Co. also are rushing things fir an early start, and I am informed by their manager, Richard Witte, that he will have the shops working about Sept. 15. The plant looks like a good one, and we are informed that they have orders booked now which will keep them busy all season. They will start with six prescription shops, six lamp chimney shops, three press shops, making gas and electric shades, two off-hand shade shops, three paste mold shops and one iron mold shop. They will make tumblers later on.

We are informed that just as soon as they are fairly started with this 16-pot furnace they will commence to build the tank, on which they propose to work several machines and presses. Edward Heested, late of Wallaceburg, will be the assistant manager, so the furnace and the wants of the blowers will e looked after.

Edward Leigh and Wm. H. Hillebrecht, also of Wallaceburg, are in charge of the moldmaking and machine shop, and we might add, that department is in capable hands.

We are now in the heat of a political contest, reciprocity being the issue. If we believe one party, the Conservatives, we would have to vote against reciprocity, otherwise our markets here would be flooded with American products. Now, as this agreement between the two countries only covers, I might say farm products, I fail to see why a workingman should keep and tax on foodstuffs, thereby assisting the farmers to hold us by the throat as they now do.

I also fail to see how industries will be injured. Nearly every paper we look at tells us about some new industry about to locate here. Manufacturers here get bigger prices for their goods than they do in the states. Who pays the piper?

Canada is now in a prosperous position. It has reached its present position under the guidance of, I might say, a democratic government, which will be returned to power stronger than ever within the next two weeks. If reciprocal relations with the states, in natural products, will help to reduce the cost of living a little, it will be a big thing for some of us who have a large family. Canuck.


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