American Flint Glass Workers' Union - 1906 Convention - Sea Isle, New Jersey

Delegates From Local No. 23 (Hemingray Glass Company Employees) Were William Finan and Russell Carmichael


Publication: The Muncie Morning Star

Muncie, IN, United States


Members of the Several Locals Looking Forward

With Great Interest.


Delegates Have Been Selected and Muncie Will

Have Representation.

Muncie glass workers of both the A. F. G. W. U. and the G. B. B. A. organizations are looking forward with much interest to their national conventions to be held in the east in July. The many momentous questions which will come up for consideration of the delegates of both conventions lends a color of much importance to both meetings.

Judging form the interest that the glass workers' organizations all over the country have taken in the coming conventions, by electing a full quota of delegates, the approaching meeting will be the most largely attended in recent years.

The various local unions affiliated with the two glass workers' divisions have finished the task of selecting delegates, who will soon be instructed as how to consider the questions that will come up for decision. The meeting of the National American Flint Glass Workers will be held at Sea Isle, N. J., and will be attended by nine delegates from the three Muncie locals. According to the list furnished by the local organizations the following will be the representatives:

Local No. 2 M. J. Clark, Martin Joyce, John F. Tobin, Paul Martin, and Joseph Ingram.

Local No. 23 William Finan and Russell Carmichael.

Local No. 115 John O'Brien and Herbert Young.

The delegates elected from Branch No. 12, Glass Bottle Blowers' association, to attend the convention to be held at Atlantic City are as follows:

Elza DeWitt, Mitchell Menard, and William Connelly.

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