Boy hit by auto is holding his own


Publication: The Muncie Sunday Star

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 12, col. 3



Condition of Daniel Skelly is

Said to Remain About

The Same.


Conscience Most of the Time,

Suffering Little Pain.

The condition of Daniel Skelly, the young son of Mrs. Catherine Skelly who was seriously injured Friday night by being run over by an automobile driven by Ralph Hemingray, remains about the same and the attending physician is unable as yet to state positively whether or not the lad will recover. At a late hour last night the lad was resting comfortably at the Mix hospital with practically no change in his condition.


Conscience Most of Time.


Although conscience most of the time and seemingly suffering no great pain the boy is in critical condition and there is much apprehension concerning his recovery. With a fractured skull the odds seem to be against the little boy but the manner in which he has withstood the shock leads the attending physician to believe that there are good chances for the lad's recovery.

Because of the peculiar injuries it is feared tetanus may set in at any time. When the boy's head was caught beneath the wheel of the automobile the dirt and gravel were ground into the scalp, the bone in some places being worn nearly smooth, and it is feared that this may lead to tetanus. However, serum was administered to the lad in the hope of preventing any such complication.

The accident is keenly felt by the boy's mother who is a widow, as well as by Mr. and Mrs. Hemingray both of whom were in the automobile at the time of the accident. Mr. and Mrs. Hemingray remained at the hospital until a late hour Friday evening and they did everything to make things as comfortable as possible for the victim.

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