Miss Carroll Hemingray

Attended "Fine Day Cycle Club" Party


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States

Cycle Club Entertains.


Miss Elizabeth Williams delightfully entertained the Fine Day Cycle Club and a few other friends last evening at her home, corner Adams and Monroe streets. After a run of three miles north of the city, the party returned to the home of the hostess and spent the remainder of the evening. The lawn and parlors were both decorated and everything was arranged for the comfort and enjoyment of the guests. Various amusements were indulged in and light refreshments were served.

Those present were: Mesdames F. C. Ball, T. K. Heinsohn, A. J. Williams, William Patterson, Walter Andrews; Mesdames George Ball and Hattie Johnston; Misses Charlotte Bishop, Reba Richey, Mae Heath, Katherine Brady, Anna Goddard, Grace Keiser, Edna Streeter, Bessie Ellis, Lydia Hathaway, Winifred Brady, Hattie, Sarah, and Caroline McCulloch, Carroll Hemingray, Linda Merriman, Mayme Brotherton, Fannie Shipley, Ida Jacobs, Pearl Johnson of Ashtabula, Ohio, Ethlyn McDowell, Emma Wilcoxon, Nadine Wilson, Sarah Kirby, Agnes Howe, Sarah Heinsohn, and Messrs. A. W. Brady, Rev. W. H. Oxtoby, Will Goddard, Edward Uhl of Indianapolis, J. O. Adams, W. P. Stevens, Clarence Keiser, J. M. Maring, Will Myers, Richardson, Robert Walker, Walter Howe, Karl Oesterie, and Hustmeyer.


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