Miss Carroll Hemingray

Attended Party Hosted by Miss Agnes Howe


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


Afternoon Party in Honor of Miss

Elizabeth Chipman.

Miss Agnes Howe, of east Washington street, was a charming hostess yesterday afternoon to a number of lady friends in honor of her guest, Miss Elizabeth Chipman, of Indianapolis. Several unique contests were held. One consisted of the proper spelling of words the letters of which had been transposed. Miss Marion Wood secured first prize, a beautiful hand-painted china dish. Miss Chipman secured second prize, a box of elegant candy. Cards on which were inscribed the names of books and other articles were pinned on the backs of the guests to whom readings were addressed. The point was to guess what was on the cards judging from what was read. Miss Carroll Hemingray won the prize, a hand-painted china dish. Elegant refreshments were served and the rooms were decorated very prettily.


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