Miss Carroll Hemingray

Attended Art School in Cincinnati, Ohio


Publication: The Muncie Daily Times

Muncie, IN, United States


College Students Off for the Fall Term

of Study.

As September days begin to lengthen college students are returning to their studies. A number from this city already have gone and others will depart during the coming week. Hasty and Lloyd Kimbrough already are in attendance at the Worcester, Mass., college. Orville Spurgeon, Arthur Kelley, Walter Haymond, Ora Miller, and Lewis Hurst left yesterday for Purdue University. The Misses Kathleen Fay, Estella Ball, and Mayme Kennedy will leave in a few days for the young ladies' school in Oxford, O. Will Thompson, Will Herrick, Dan McAbee, and Miss Marion Wood will leave during the latter part of the week for De Pauw University. Miss Inez Koerner departed this morning for Delaware, O. Miss Ruby Green has gone to Harmon's Institute, Chicago.

Mrs. Minnie Thomas Boyce will take a course in English at the State University. Ray Johnson soon returns to Chicago University. Miss Minnie Hartley will attend a young ladies' school in New York City. Miss Isabella Preston will leave Tuesday for LaSalle Institute, Boston. Misses Sarah Kirby and Agnes Howe will depart Tuesday for a school at Knoxville, Ill. Miss Reba Koons will attend the National Park Seminary, Washington, D. C. Miss Edna Boyce will again attend Miss Phelps' school at Columbus, O. Miss Carroll Hemingray will receive instruction in an art school in Cincinnati.

Many others from different portions of the county will enroll in the various institutions. Among them are George Cecil, south of the city, at De Pauw, Mr. and Mrs. Rader, of Selma, at Indiana University, and Arthur Murray, at the State University.

Wilber Huffer and John Jones left this morning for Hanover. Arthur E. Vinton will leave Sept. 26th for Louisville, where he is a student at the Louisville Medical college. This is his final year in that institution.


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